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Belstaff Leather Jackets Belstaff Leather

Posted Aug 10 2011 2:01am

Perfect love for children is cage; Perfect parents let children lost independence; Children a choice, even if choose misfortune. Here are some of the latest education psychology experts proverbs.

"Parents" the door "professional" doomed to in failure
Who can have side effects, an improvement. Since world war ii, the western the progress of the society is the priority of the community survival to the personal adventure. Family--whether belstaff jackets outletbelstaff jackets sale internal between husband and wife or two generation-the interactive relationship between-was completely restructuring. While individual risk and full development side effects were anxious.
Stem on the past, raising children is completely natural, "listen to its extensive management"; Nowadays, people spend too much time and energy in learning to do, and it's always Belstaff Leather JacketsBelstaff Leather apprehensive parents to do is good enough. The past is not reach the children afraid parents expectations; Now reversed, parents can not reach the requirements of fear that child.
Painted in the modern society, every family lives only in their closed space, almost no and help each other. If the parents with a serious illness or death, the world of children down.
In the modern family, an, learning than any generation is high, can education than any generation is poor, because the role of books far compensate kirka insufficient.
Stem on the past, all the young girl did mother will be, Louis Vuitton OutletBuy Louis Handbag and children, that is from the are exposed to practice. Grandmother is top-ranking "clinical doctors", diarrhea, dehydration diagnosis... And today, mothers can only take their children to see a doctor, or to turn over a book. The relationship between parents and children of a technical, professional. Do parents become an occupation.
The more the children painted a rare property, parents is the fear of a mishap. But there are no perfect human, so no one child can achieve high expectations of his parents. In this sense, "do parents" the door "professional" is doomed to be in failure.

Science and technology knowledge makes children and their Belstaff Jackets UK SaleBelstaff Jackets USA Sale parents, even higher than the second-best parents

In the past, female people habit painted for her husband say: I want a baby, he'll be happy; And now they say, I'm willing to give the child a father--children of the family, became a father to replace center.
The mother of pregnancy, an advanced stage, and ultrasound can measure the behavior of the fetus even trend. The future parents and they began to planning, "he could be a star", "her to be a dancer"............. Science and technology involved in the myth of the manufacturing. In the early days of the human society, the development of the individual by the provisions of the tribe is full; And today, a child may be 1000 different future. In the past, Louis Vuitton ShowingLouis Vuitton Show children of the family planning services; for Now is the family for children's future service.
The authority of the father in an lost, this is a reality. When science and technology level is low, social work or on the muscle man, as provide the energy and powerful symbol of man will Cheap moncler jackets on saleBuy buy moncler jackets gain authority. His father is a pillar of the family, his wife subordinate status. But two generations later, muscle power lost its original value--except in football and the boxing match, science and technology knowledge become the new power symbol. In this artificial ecological environment, the woman at the ability as men. So, father's authority since the 70 s, feminists, but mother also failed to beat in the family share or replace the status of his father.
The knowledge of science and technology, an equal children and their parents, even higher than their parents. Parents can be passed on to children things less and less. The past is father training son, teach a vocational skills; Mother taught her how to cultivate daughter, raising children. Today, all this knowledge to use, children cheap belstaffBelstaff Bags in turn into teachers.
Painted in the past, people know very well that a generation of inheritance is what: a surname, a property, a piece of land, a foreign occupation, a religion, kind of the culture...... The family said: you will believe what you will teach what, in what what age marriage, you will have the children... Today, we passed the next generation to more is psychological thing. The most important heritage-happy, anxiety, indifference--is in imperceptible in finish. A lot of things will be passed on, Belstaff clothingBelstaff Jackets just not to our own independent of his will.
With drugs and violence, an on astray kid, defeat the parents in reverential awe to review their: I fully understand the child's pain? If I do not good enough? What am I doing wrong??????? In fact, on the contrary, these parents just is too gentle, just too....... Among them is doctors, lawyers, this kind of career success. But in children, they have no authority before, and is willing to give up the authorities.

Children need not perfect parents

An relax, parents!!!!! Don't forget the children of parents with a perfect the tired: this is equivalent to force children happy, pushed him happiness-because it is the parents' goals! "You know, of course, you have the option of choice, even unfortunately." A sense of humour mother often to the child said.
From the last century painted in the 60 s, Cheap Louis Vuitton Salediscount Louis Vuitton Sale psychological doctor in all kinds of psychological counseling and women's magazines became education star, a kind of view prevailed: no natural bad boys, only didn't get full love children. People began to advocate dialogue, listen to...... A generation's error is that refused to conflict. Don't they believe that the children can not conflict in the environment to grow? For they can't say no? Notice uninhibited desire is a kind of violence, and was being controlled to help children. The growth of conflict
Children are in the fight for independence, an age, parents with love surrounded the children, as the child put into love cage. So if you want to break through cage, their children the first to fierce resistance is parents. Parents often heard of such children: "in the outside is an angel, in the home is a devil king." In the outside is an angel, because they feared the world outside in the family, Is the devil king, because they know they say a not two.
Through many terrorists to stem on the character of the survey found that most of them have received a good education, are very love their parents. Their family environment is too good. The parents of the kind wishes, care of all, for they solve all problems, out all the difficulties. This makes children can't find yourself--don't know who they are, don't know what you want, do not know

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