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Being Overweight Increases Contralateral Breast Cancer Risk

Posted Oct 18 2010 7:25am
Research has clearly shown us that obesity increases breast cancer risk and can worsen breast cancer prognosis .  However, the impact of being overweight or obese on the risk of contralateral breast cancer in breast cancer survivors is less clear.

Breast cancer researchers recently explored this relationship between body mass index (BMI) and the development of contralateral breast cancers in overweight and obese women.  For this breast cancer research study , investigators included over 15,000 breast cancer survivors who had a first breast cancer without distant metastasis and without contralateral breast cancer occuring at the same time.  These breast cancer survivors were followed for 10 years to determine the development of breast cancer in the second breast and to determine how this was affected by body weight.  The breast cancer researchers reported
  • Being overweight (BMI greater than 25) increased the risk of contralateral breast cancer by 50% after 10 years of follow-up.
  • Being overweight resulted in poorer outcomes in breast cancer survivors who developed breast cancer in their second breast during the 10-year follow-up period.
The results of this new breast cancer research clearly point out that being overweight puts a breast cancer survivor at a greatly increased risk for developing breast cancer in her second breast.  Furthermore, these study results continue to confirm the importance of maintaining a health body weight as an integral part of our fight against breast cancer.  Making proactive improvements to our diet and lifestyle is a vitally important step to reducing breast cancer risk.

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