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aspirin may reduce risk of breast cancer recurrence or death

Posted Feb 16 2010 12:00am

Tonight while watching ABC news, I caught a story about a possible connection between aspirin and a reduction in the rate of death from breast cancer. The women in the Nurses Health Study of 4,164 female nurses who were taking aspirin for the prevention of heart disease were observed to have a lower rate of recurrence of breast cancer and a lower rate of death from breast cancer.

Without jumping to conclusions, of course, more research needs to be done to isolate and validate the aspirin as the cause of the results. It could be a number of other factors that could be causing this result, so no one is suggesting that we all start taking aspirin every day. In fact, the same study has previously uncovered other initial findings that were not supported by further investigation.

This latest information is springing up across the media; here are a few articles.

Aspirin May Reduce Breast Cancer Death Risk, Study Says
Doctors Say Better-Controlled Research Needed 2-16-10

Aspirin may slow cancer spread 2-17-10

Aspirin may combat cancer, study suggests 2-17-10

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Can Aspirin Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence?
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