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Are moles around the breast a precurser to breast cancer?

Posted by Kathy M

I am a 61 year old female.  I am very active and in great health.  About a year ago I began getting moles between and under my breasts (along my bra line).  I now have about 15 moles that have developed and they are itchy and hurt.  I mentioned this to my Internist last month during a checkup and he said that if I had them removed they would just come back and not to worry about them.  He said it was typical of women my age to develop them.   I've become increasingly worried and so I made an appointment to see a Dermatologist in 30 days (first available appt).  Do you have any advice or information that could prepare me for what the Dr. may find?  Does this sound like Melanoma or does breast cancer manifest itself in this way?  Is this something that I need to go to an emergency room and have taken care of immediately?

Thanks for responding.

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