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annoying neuropathy: need another remedy

Posted Jan 28 2010 12:00am

When I got to the office this morning, I dropped five things before I realized I needed to focus extra hard. Last week while washing dishes, I broke another dish. In fact, in the last few months, I’ve broken more dishes and glasses than I had in my entire life. Between the numbness, the tingling and the pain, this neuropathy is very annoying. Dropping things that break is most annoying of all.

A friend mentioned to me last week that neurontin is a drug prescribed by doctors for nerve pain. When I looked it up, it appears neurontin is used primarily for treating epileptic seizures and secondarily for nerve pain, including pain from shingles.

Time to talk to my chemo team about neurontin. I can barely activate the button on my iPhone. Good grief. I can’t risk that kind of impairment.

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