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annoying itching and muscle spasms

Posted Jun 01 2010 12:00am

Side effects aside, I have the worst case of itching deep in the muscles in my back around where my tumor was in the thoracic area. At night the muscle along the right side of my spine tingles and itches severely enough to drive me crazy for a while. Sometimes it happens on the left side, but most of the time it’s the right that is the worst and the most frequent.

The other odd sensation I get is in my left ribs. I get a very annoying and strong muscle spasm just under the bra line. It’s enough to debilitate me momentarily. I breathe through it and try to stretch that area very gently. I had thought that it was something that had to do with the TLSO brace. Since I have quit wearing the brace, however, it has not ceased. As far as I can remember from the last PET scan, I don’t recall having any significant bone mets to that area. Also, it is not bone pain but muscle spasms. Maybe it is also effects from the radiation. That would have been one of the areas that received radiation. Or maybe it’s the muscles coming to life after being so lazy for so many months :) .

I will add this to my list of items to discuss at the next meeting with my oncologist.

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