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All Together Now People,What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:05pm
For me it’s What Scares The Shit Out Of You Will Eventually Become Boring, Even To You . My irrational fear of someone shoving a needle into one of my veins used to give me palpitations. The shaking, sweating, “I’d escape you if I weren’t so light-headed” response. At my second chemo the RN trying to start my IV asked me to take a Xanax before the next appointment. I was mentally relaxing as best I could but my veins were reacting to the Fight or Flight response I was having. The body constricts blood flow to the extremities giving your vital internal organs the power to make you run fast away from the equivalent of a charging cybertooth. My veins were flattening because of this vasoconstriction, each time she’d insert the catheter. I get bored with repetition however. When Christine started my IV for the third chemo I did not feel fear and I’m not very concerned about the next one.
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