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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:12pm
I'm up at the crack of dawn, and as soon as I heist myself from this chair, I will be off and running. I've got 13 traps to pull, bugs to sort and count, and samples to ship to Harrisburg. I've also got two classes on trees to teach. Yesterday, I worked from 7 til 6. My job is not usually this frantically paced, but I'm trying to get all my work done because we are going to Fort Jackson, SC to see Stacey graduate from boot camp. We will have 48 hours with her before she heads off to Fort Gordon, GA for her advanced training.
It's strange, this getting only the smallest chance to be with your child. Brianna's 36 hours. When Dylan made it home from Allentown for Easter, we had a three day weekend. He was back out the door and heading home before the dishes were cleared from Easter dinner. Mike works shift work, so we get our glimpses of him when he stops in as he's passing by for whatever reason. It's so exciting to see them, and then, just as quickly as they came, they are gone again.
I wonder sometimes if we managed to use our time with them wisely. Do they leave knowing they are loved? Do they know how much the 'old' folks look forward to these visits? I also find myself thinking about the exasperating child we do see on a daily basis. The one that won't help around the house unless she is made to. The one that will not speak in a civil tone, unless she is made to. My sister says she once heard that teenagers are so perfectly awful so you won't cry so hard when they move away. I guess it's true. Cara's chomping at the bit to head off to college, I'm just about ready for it to happen. And when she's gone, I'll sit in the empty house and wonder. And wait for the next visit home.
I will be gone from the computer for a few days, celebrating with one of the country's newest soldiers.
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