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a list of breast cancer fighting foods

Posted by cheryl

I need to know what foods to stay away from and what foods will help my battle.
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TC Patient Expert
Cheryl. Check out my blog posts regarding cancer and nutrition as well as Superfoods and nutrient dense foods they will give you some initial guidance. I would also say that some of the most significant things to do are to avoid any meat and dairy that has been treated with rGBH(growth hormone) this is linked to breast cancers. Also, avoid eating anything containing nitrates or nitrites. Drink water but be sure it is only filtered water and that you avoid buying an drinking bottled water unless it is in PETE bottles such as the Volvic brand. Your better off getting a filter for your kitchen faucet or maybe your fridge has one and taking filtered water from home using only a stainless steel container or mug, not plastic. Don't consume anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup (and this is alot of stuff, read the labels). Avoid fried foods especially at fast food restaurants. Do eat as much raw fresh fruit and vegetables as possible(esp. organic when price permits) eat wild caught salmon, cold pressed olive oil, flax seed oil or flax seed meal,  blueberries and other berries(fresh often as possible), broccoli and green leafy vegetables like Kale. Don't consume more than 2 drinks per day. The best thing I also could suggest is using a superfood supplement to insure getting your powerful greens based foods with the probiotics as well. I use them regularly and if you read up on pH balance and superfoods it will give you some insight. Get a little exercise and some sunshine. For more detailed info. you can check out my blogs and my new book Live Smart available at where I go into great detail about food, cancers, prevention and treatment strategies. I wish you all the best.  Check my bio and blog posts for the links to the sites and book.


These are great recommendations TC!

I work with cancer patients, and healing from it is not just on the cell level. Cancer is a life changing experience. In addition to food, you might want to consider complementary healing methods like NLP, EFT, Healing Touch (they have a group of HT practitioners in Standfor who work with breast cancer patients) etc. Your mind has to heal, has well as your body.


TC Patient Expert
I agree Sandrine. Good advice.
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