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83. Time to get Nipple-tastic!

Posted Apr 27 2012 4:37am
I was unveiled for his perusal.  The eyebrows raised and a pleasant or surprised look crossed his face (probably a mix of both, it was hard to decipher).  He didn't say a word for the rest of the appointment - maybe I scared him a little, I can be a bit motor mouth at times, particularly when feeling nervous or exposed!

My comedy surgeon starts to discuss nipples, how they will be made, explains how they will STICK OUT ALL THE TIME.  Yes, I know this, but it poses a problem.  I hate wearing bras since my reconstruction.  Nothing fits, nothing is comfortable.  You go without a bra for 3 years then try and put up with one all day god it is torture!!  Rip the bugger off at the earliest opportunity!  Bloody hate them - pretty things but not for me anymore.  And so the problem of permanently erect nipples.  How am I going to live with them?  I guess I will just have to let people stare and wonder what type of floozy I am to wander around without a bra on, letting my nips stand out for all to see, all the time.  Well, fuck them...fuck them all.  If they knew what I'd been through physically and emotionally in order to get them then they can friggin' well enjoy them too.  I am not covering them up all the time with a boa constrictor of a bra in order appease their narrow minds about women's undergarment choice.

To the procedure - here's a pic of how comedy surgeon will make my origami nipples

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