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“A Change Gonna Come” – Sam Cooke, 1964

Posted May 03 2013 11:25am

“A Change Gonna Come” – Sam Cooke, 1964

I love old school soul music and I have a habit of singing a song in my head (because out loud would be terrible for those around me) that relates back to what is happening in my life. Lately, Sam Cooke’s “A Change Gonna Come” has been the song that sticks with me.

There is so much change happening in my personal life and at the Pink Ribbons Project office. I have often been scared of change because I am slightly, yes just slightly, OCD and I usually don’t adapt to change well. This time the changes happening in my life make me excited!!!

My BFF and her two awesome daughters are living with us for a while and we are embracing it and having a BLAST! We got a new puppy (if a one year old, 90 lbs. Alaskan Malamute can be considered a puppy). She is full of life and very active…very different from other dog Kelly, the sweet, lazy, older schnauzer mix. Too, getting used to not having my wonderful grandmother, Mammaw, around has been a change that has come with a lot of emotional struggles. She lived with us for 8 years and I miss her every day.

One of the biggest professional changes in my life is the change of leadership at Pink Ribbons Project as well as our upcoming office expansion. Exciting!!!! Our new Executive Director, Jonita Fair-Payton, has joined our team and hit the ground running. She is one tough cookie but I think her “toughness” is good for us as a staff and certainly good for the organization and its potential growth. When I say tough I mean that she is determined to see Pink Ribbons Project’s soar to new heights by serving more people and going places that we have never gone before. She is passionate about the organization, its mission, and the people we serve. I see Pink Ribbons Project developing in multiple ways over the next few years. Watch us work!

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Too, our office is expanding. Yay!!! I am so excited that we are taking over two office spaces down the hall which will allow us to have a volunteer/meeting room, program room and each staff member to have their own office space. I know my colleagues will be thrilled that they won’t have me yelling in their ears when I am on the phone. Yes, I know I talk loud. Oops! I think Faye will be the only disappointed person because I am not moving down the hall so she will be stuck listening to me. Sorry Faye! We look forward to showing you all our new digs after the “move” the beginning of June.

We all deal with changes on a daily basis. Some changes are scary, some are fun and some can be good. The reality is that “Change is Gonna Come” so how do we deal with it? I have learned that the best way to adapt to change is to embrace it and go with the flow! I am ready for the changes coming. Let’s do this!


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