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4th T&H with a side of Snickers & Cookies

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:11pm

Went well yesterday. No problems. Saw Dr S (oncologist) briefly for the usual "How ya doing?" "Any problems?" Listened to my lungs and looked down my throat. I only see her about every 3-4 weeks with the T&H combo.

She made me feel good when she giggled, commented on two different occasions and patted the top of my head because she couldn't get over how fast my hair was growing out. She even said I should get an award for fastest growing hair. My hair follicles are working hard growing me some hair - "Go - Follys - Go!"

Was there the average time 12:30-4:30ish. Dear dear friends like Tony, Susie or Hank have been dropping me off. I stay alone (my choice) and call Steve when I think I am close to being done and he picks me up. Last 2 times he surprised me and came earlier to hang out with me.

We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home. I had that hunger thing going on like last time. I ate 2 rolls and a large salad with chicken then had a sweet tooth (Not usual for me.) so I picked up some candy bars and proceeded to eat an entire Snickers bar in the car and 6 Girl Scout peanut butter patties when I walked in the door! I am not normaly a sweets person but when I get a hankering watch out.

Glad it all tasted good because days prior I tried one of the cookies and it tasted like stale cardboard. Is there a such thing as fresh cardboard? I bet if I try one today it will taste stale again. That is if I had any left!

Climbed into bed (about 9) totally exhausted and loopy from that darn Benadryl & Ativan combo given as pre-meds before the Taxol. I also got Pepcid, Zofran and Decadron. I got another Procrit shot too. So I passed out and slept great until about 12:30ish. Have been awake tossing about since. It is now after 5AM. Nothing new - happens after each T&H.

4 treatments down.....9 to go!

*side note: Desiree is finally feeling better with her pregnancy and my future daughter in-law Tabitha and mother of my grandson Kyle is preggers too! So I should be holding 2 brand new babies by the end of the summer.

Life IS good.

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