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Posted Mar 01 2012 3:21am

As the saying goes, diet cures more than the doctor. Nutrient expert points out, in the daily diet attention to nutrition reasonable collocation, and properly add more blood and fill gas food, help women disease prevention, the following introduced several can often eat blood of sweet soup:

A, tremella jujube soup

Tremella, known as "the poor of the bird's nest," bird's nest is up, but the price is high. Whatever color, texture and protective benefits are similar and bird's nest, cheap price, known as the bird's nest to the poor. Bird's nest too easy for them, and to fill a cool tremella dryness role. Dry gas and internal heat is like acute chronic diseases, more urgent to temper the fast. But internal heat too long will not disappear into dry gas, so the most effective eat tremella. Longan dry, with Chinese wolfberry, red dates tremella boil soup, tremella jujube soup not but delicious breast enhancement cookies, still can make you look white inside deeply red, posture is lightsome slim.

Second, black blood glutinous rice porridge

Black rice, longans and jujube is all know the coming blood, plus high nutritional value of yam, tomifying qi and blood of the more significant effect, every month to remember to drink oh, ha ha. Black glutinous rice, red jujube, longan, yam, brown sugar, all ready. Small remind: although blood gas can longan, promote the blood circulation, but not easy to digest, as far as possible 7-8 every time a can (stomach cold friend can 2 slices of red ginseng).

Three, angelica red jujube sparerib soup

For skin turned dry season rough and itchy skin...... And so on, take a root ribs, Chinese wolfberry, red jujube 12 pieces, angelica root 4 pieces.

Wash the ribs blood, will put in the earth ribs, join Chinese wolfberry, red dates, angelica, green onion, ginger, the fire to boil, to a simmer to ribs Sue lousy, put salt, chicken fine flavor can. The above several ingredients together with the pork, will get Yin dryness, nurture the skin of the auxiliary function.

Four, and provide enriching blood of oatmeal

First soaked walnut, red jujube, longan dry, clean the oats poured into the rice cooker, add right amount water, open cook here, remember to look at the time! The change to get porridge congee file!!!!! Before out of the pot put some brown sugar, double red blood enriching soup.

Sweet potato 500 grams, red jujube 10 grams, brown sugar right amount. 2000 ml water, then tested with boiled, sweet potatoes cooked to brown sugar, and this summer often eat dessert, like to eat the pumpkins can also be sweet potato into pumpkin.


Five, raise colour the papaya tremella soup

Ready to tremella, papaya, red jujube, and crystal sugar, the bubble hair of tremella boiling pot, red jujube shut down a small fire boil half an hour, rock candy and papaya boiled, can remove.

Six, HuangDouXue pear pig feet soup

Often drink pears to women is good soup is. Pears has a "fruit of the Pope" reputation, with Sydney to do soup, more can remove cough runfei, beautiful skin pure in heart. Drink this way Sydney soybean pork knuckles soup, for the smooth skin, relieve sound sand, dry mouth will have significant effects, is to reduce blood pressure and nourish the heat of good soup, can drink a little.

Usage: Sydney, 1 soybean 50 grams, pigs and a half feet only, 3 slices ginger, salt, pig feet join ginger flying water to smell, divided into pieces, join to nuclear cut into parts of Sydney, soybean and a piece of ginger, add the clear water to get lost cover, maintain FeiZhu continue to turn over the 15 minutes over low heat to pot 1 hour, soup pot is good, according to individual taste drink before add salt to taste.      UGG Classis Short Chestnut     New Supra Pilot NS  



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