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10 year old breast cancer patient

Posted Apr 26 2009 12:24am
I participate in a variety of message boards, forums, etc. I was made aware of this last night. There is nothing else I can say except if you are a praying person keep Hannah in your thoughts.

My ten year old daughter was just diagnosed yesterday (confirmed today) with breast cancer. I have been searching for similar cases but have found nothing. My wife and I have no idea what type, stage, etc... We took her in to have a lump removed that was thought to be completely routine, but the surgeon found a solid mass that appeared to be a tumor behind the suspected area. We were assured that it was probably nothing to worry about but a sample would be sent to pathology. Went to a follow up visit 6 days later (yesterday) and the preliminary results were not good. Got a call today to confirm our worst thoughts. Is there anybody that has heard of such a young girl being diagnosed with breast cancer? We are in a holding pattern now and don't know what to do.


We just got a copy of the pathology report yesterday and I will read the diagnosis word for word. DIAGNOSIS: Infiltrating ductal carcinoma with focal solid papillary growth pattern and secretory feautures, grade II (moderately differentiated). The tumor extends to the inked surgical margins over a broad front.Approximately 2 cm in aggregate dimension portions of benign prepubertal mammary ductal parenchyma. No ductal carcinoma in situ component identified. Changes highly suspicious for large vessel invasion by tumor but no angiolymphatic space permeation by tumor identified.AJCC stage grouping: T2, NX, MX; stage IIA This was also listed in the microscopic description: This material was submitted for breast prognostic studies with the following results: Estrogen receptor negative, progesterone receptor negative, Her2/neu zero (not expressed) and Ki67 rate of 3% in most of the fields examined. Can someone tell me that my 10 year old daughter does not have breast cancer? We have not told her yet, but know we will as she will be seeing an oncologist within the next day or two.

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