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Haters = motivation

Thanks Kiana Hanna Fitness for pointing this out!

Day 4 Mission A&m

Yep I’ve made it four whole days. A little tired and exhausted but I’ve survived. Today was my hardest. I’m really tired and to be honest I...

Day 3 of Mission A&M

Three great things about today: 1. I totally rocked today. Okay so I could have stood to eat a tad bit more but I think one day under...

Day 2 of Mission A&M

Accountability and Motivation…….day 2.   Also got in 25 mins of walk/run. Wasn’t much but it’s something. And somethin gis always...

Day 1 of Mission A&M

Accountability is what I started all this for. Motivation is what I wanted to give back.  It’s the mission.  Not too complicated. Day 1 of...

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