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Austin, Texas
I'm a 20 year participant in the sport of triathlons. I have been a triathlon junkie since 1989. In addition to that, in the last 5 or so years, I've become a bit of a nutrition junkie as well as it relates to training and racing. My wife and I are currently both racing and training as... Full Bio
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Oct 06 2009 by Megan Killian
Did you see the article about gluten-free diets in this month's Bicycling Magazine? It was ... meh.
Oct 06 2009 by -Brandon


Not celiac as far as we know.  Amy and I have just cut out wheat and other carbs and feel better for it.  Really, we have found it's not that difficult.  If you want more carbs our favorites are white and sweet potatoes.  We also do rice.  We have really cut back on the carbs and upped the natural fats like coconut oil, butter, almonds, avocados, etc.  -Brandon

Sep 13 2009 by Rusty
Respect that you are an you wrestle with Celiac Disease, too? I play hockey. This will be my 25 year and have just been diagnosed with Celliac Disease. Was trying to figure out how to design my diet now that I need to be really careful, but I see that you are successful...maybe I can be,too!