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Brandi & Shelton K.

Wichita, Kansas
We're Brandi and Shelton Koskie. In 2006 we founded to chronicle our journey with infertility and IVF. We also created the first site online to act as a fundraiser to pay for our $20,000 procedure. Thanks to countless donors, we were able to raise more than $6400 and did our IVF... Full Bio
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Dear Paisley: Month 27

Subtitle: June 2012, or Dear Paisley vers. 2.2 Hello Summer! Hello Crazy Baby! Look who decided to just take off in a giant pool of...

Dear Paisley: Month 25 (2 Years Old)

Tonight you stayed up past your bedtime by a full hour for no other reason than I was watching you play. 8:00 hit and you were in a...

Dear Paisley: Month 24

Dear Paisley, Last night we were out to dinner with a few friends, trying a new pizza place that opened in town. We got there at...

Serving My Left Ovary an Eviction Notice

You heard me. Pack your cysts, and your pain, and your $500 sonograms and leave. Don’t let my belly button hit you on the way out. So...

Dear Paisley: Month 22

OK, let’s do this again! January was another whirlwind with you. They’re all whirlwinds. Every day, every hour. Time has never moved so...
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Sep 11 2009 by miraclesdhappen
congrats on your pregnancy :)

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