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Weight loss, but I have cravings?! I love sugar. If I go three days without sugar/ candy I not only get cranky and cravings for it, b ...
Jun 01 2010 8:01am
Numbness ONLY on left top of skull without any... I am going to see my endrocrinogist later this week but I want to know if anyone has experienced t ...
May 25 2010 9:07am
I don't know if this is similar but I had severe spasms that started at the base of my... more
Aug 01 2014 4:37pm
health health
Feb 07 2010 3:58pm
carotid artery Hi, my tumor cut off my carotid artery on the left side.  I am woriied that it could cause a strok ...
Jan 27 2010 7:48am
Best brain food - fish oils There's so much in the news about Omega-3s for brain health.  But did you know that fish oils prov ...
Oct 05 2009 8:21am
Omega 3 is amazing! For one thing it’s derived completely from natural sources—fatty... more
Nov 08 2009 10:55pm
Have you ever used brainwave entrainment or... I've been using binaural beats for the past month and a half and can tell you that I see the differe ...
Sep 09 2009 7:46am
Looking for ALD Community Moderator I'm looking for a volunteer to help welcome new members to an ALD patient-to-patient support commu ...
Jul 03 2009 6:52pm
Entrain your brain with I don't work for or receive any benefit from this endorsement.   I've been using this program f ...
May 13 2009 1:05pm
Would you try this for depression?  It is about magnetic rings, you wear them while sleepeng on your fingers. Guy that created this Ale ...
Dec 05 2008 2:29am
Taylor Phinney Family and Parkinson's See how this family of Olympians has dealt with adversity in the form of Parkinson's Disease.
Aug 16 2008 5:55pm