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You Paid Into It- Get Your Social Security

Posted Mar 23 2011 10:10am
I love the way Republicans and those who seek to cut the federal budget talk about Social Security and throw words around like 'entitlements"  Entitlement ( the word, itself) reeks of getting something for nothing- just because you happen to have been born somewhere or to someone.

That is not the case with Social Security.  Those who receive Social Security have spent a lifetime supporting a generation ahead of them in their retirement years- and have paid into a system that supports that effort.  That is no entitlement.  

That is paying it forward!

If social security disability insurance is received, that is also known as an 'entitlement' - but again, this is an umbrella that has been bought and paid for by the hard working Americans that would and should expect to have the same in dire circumstances.

Get rid of this word ' entitlement' when speaking of Social Security- and call it what it is- an important and necessary program for those who have already done their bit!
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