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Why this blog?

Posted May 02 2005 12:00am
I think we are going through a revolutionary phase where new tools like brain imaging or genetics transform our understanding of Persistent Developmental Stuttering (PDS).

I would like to share my thoughts on the developments with you.

Scientists are often reluctant to disclose their current thinking or research projects, and they have a natural tendency to only talk about their own theory or research. Moreover, many articles and associated jargon is not easily accessible to non-scientists and practitioners.

In my blog, I attempt to be neutral, and present the current research issues and latest findings on PDS. I try to explain them in conceptual and non-technical terms, and analyse the impact on other areas of PDS. I also hope to discuss your feedback.

My perspective on PDS, and hence this choice for blog title, is the stuttering brain. I want to emphasise that something inside of the brain is going wrong, be it on the neurological, psychological, motor control, social, genetics level, and others, or a combination of many. The brain is us, it sends instructions to the speech muscles, creates fear, suggests avoidance, encodes language into instructions, and so on.

Finally, my blog is not just on understanding PDS, it's also on treatment like therapy efficacy or drugs, and the structures (like funding or national associations) necessary to achieve these aims.

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