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Why Is Everyone So Sick?

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm
Both of my grandsons have allergies and asthma related problems. They also have mysterious bumps on them- some that I am certain treatments for acne would probably not cure.

My daughter and I were talking the other night about how sick kids seem to be these days. I don't remember any kids that I grew up with who had to take half a dozen meds each morning just so they can breathe. And, my daughter wakes up each morning congested and coughing- as do I.

But, me, well, I have had my share of illnesses as anyone who has read this blog well knows. It will be a year this October 24 since my brain surgery and I am doing pretty good. I must say my stamina doesn't always seem to be as forthcoming, but then again I am 55 years old and carry a pretty good workload each day.

I was reading about the coming flu season and am hoping this year it will just skip me-please! And, skip my family too. Being sick is big pain in the wazoo! Wouldn't you agree?
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