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Why does my Post Concussive Sydrome effect me differently than others with this condition?

Posted by PinkLady59 Facebook

I worked at a Saw Mill back in the early 1990's. While working there I was working in the area of the Mill that has the stacks that much of the time has a whitish smoke coming from them. Anyway, I think it was a boiler room there where several other workers were with me too taking down a scaffle. I was looking up watching the men dismantling the scaffle when a piece of refractory rock dislodged from the ceiling 30ft up and fell hitting me in the frontal area of my head. It affected not only my head but my neck and lower back. A year later I was electratuted when I went to shut off the main power switch for the stacker which by the way was not up to date. Anyway, when I touched the main power switch electricity arced and grounded me to the stacker. It went through my body and out my right foot where it still shows the black mark where it exited my body.

Later, I was driving one morning when I lost my ability to concentrate so I pulled into a rest area and was stuck in a stare. I could hear but not move. after that day, I started experiencing Severe Fatigue, Loss of Mobility, Loss of Balance, Slurred Speech, Loss of Concentration, Difficulties in my Memory and would go into some kind of spell where I could hear but not move or communicate. It was like my body was shutting down. I couldn't feed myself or pick up a glass to drink.

I started seeing a doctors to find out what was going on with me. He thought I had Epilepsy so I was sent to Shan's Research Hospital in Gainesville, FL to test for epilepsy. The doctor there said I didn't have epilepsy, I had Post-Concussive Syndrome. I have gotten some better but still have what I call spells were I would still have Slurred Speech, Memory Difficulties, Lack of Balance, Lack of Concentration and lack of Mobility. and these spells lasted from a few minutes to a day or more. I am under a disability and no longer drive or do much else. I've read a lot of articles about Post Concussive Syndrome but don't understand what makes has caused me to have it effect me so much worst than others with this condition.  To date, I've had this condition for over 20 yrs
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Pink Lady:

There are a few reasons:

1) Most of what you read about people with post-concussion syndrome or other labels for "mild brain injury" is only about people with a single injury. According to what you have written, you have had at least 2 injuries that were almost certain to have some impact on your brain. So you are already different from the "average" person they write about.

2) Everyone responds differently to things that impact their brain functioning. That's because we all have individual brains that have grown from our own life histories -- different education, different physical risks, different diets, different sleep habits, different relationships and social support, different work requirements, etc. etc. All of those things contribute to how our brains show the impact of injury. The studies are a summary across  a bunch of people -- every one of those people is still having their own experience and difficulties and using their own strengths to get past them.

If your doctor is willing to talk, you could talk to him about trying a medication that  controls seizures (like tegretol), but doesn't have as much of an impact on your thinking as some of them. That would be one way to test to see if you are indeed having seizures of some kind, but that aren't detectable by EEG (that means they would be deep in the brain). That's not medical advice, which I"m not qualified to give, but an alternative to discuss with yor physician. 

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