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Why couldn't she open her eyes?

Posted by ajk.3145A


 Last year, my mum suffered a massive brain heamorrhage. Drs said it was too much to operate on but put her in ICU. After 14 hours, they stopped sedation and my mum started to move her whole right side, with minimal movements on her left leg. Pupil reflexes were normal, she had a gag reflex (tried to pull out her ventilation tube constantly), and understood what we were saying - for example, when we said 'where do you have an itch?', she'd point and got very upset when I told the nurse not to cut her hair (my mum thought it had been cut and started to feel round her head to make sure it was still there).

The staff wanted her to open her eyes but she just couldn't, even with everyone urging her to do so. Can anyone tell me why?


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