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Posted Dec 17 2009 3:00am

I am sitting here this morning and I’m furious…more than furious….LIVID.  Usually I refrain from sharing ANY of my political thoughts since the focus of this blog is Parkinson’s Disease and the steps I am taking to live – despite this enemy.  But today I am fed up.  I’m fed up with folks who are so short-sighted that they think only of themselves.

Today I read a blog from a fellow PWP who cares not one whit if anyone else in America has ANY health care.  He only cares for himself, that HIS insurance company is paying the high cost of his drugs, and his trips to another state to see a PD specialist.  He was on the Neupro patch and didn’t even understand (or care to understand) why the damned drug was withdrawn from the market in the United States.

This kind of self-centered, “me focused” mentality is beyond my understanding.  You know, I don’t agree with everything that’s in the health care reform bill.  But guess what?  There are people out there now, mister, who have no drugs, no doctor, no insurance and no money.  You don’t see them blogging and whining because they had to go to Canada to get Neupro.  In fact, they are living with whatever they can in order to go to work everyday and feed their children.  How do I know this?  Because I have emails from them, letters begging me to help them get into the Phase 4 FDA trial for Neupro.  And guess what?  They don’t whine, they don’t complain – they just hope that they can some day afford a drug, or even afford to see a doctor.  And here  you are bitching and moaning because you HAVE insurance, a job that you can now go to without worrying that you can’t control your bladder, and now your legs don’t jerk around at night and you can sleep.  But you want to be damned sure that those who aren’t in your fortunate situation can’t have what you have….a doctor’s care and medication.

It’s unfortunate that we each cannot dictate the bills that Congress writes.  If we could dictate our wishes then we would each have our own iteration, with specific clauses that meet OUR needs.  But today, while I am angry about the self-centered rants of a short-sighted man, I am also thankful.  Yes, I am thankful that we have a health care reform package in some form  before our Congress.  I am thankful that finally we are thinking about the “have nots” in our society.  For too long our nation has focused on “what’s good for me” rarely caring or showing compassion for those who have no health care insurance.

So, mister, while you are thankful for the insurance industry, I am not.  In my opinion, the insurance industry has dictated the direction of our health care for too long.  I don’t espouse that government can solve all of our problems.  However, there will be a day when you and I will not have medical or drug coverage by insurance because we won’t be able to work.  When we’re sitting stiffly in a wheelchair, drooling, unable to write our names on a check, unable to lift ourselves onto a toilet, at least we’ll have some opportunity to see a doctor and have some medication because members of our government COMPROMISED to offer a health care reform plan.  No, it won’t be perfect and it won’t be what you want, or even what I want.  But for those who have had nothing it will be better than what they have now.

Compromise is never about what is optimal for one individual.  We live in a country where we have diverse people with diverse needs.  The difference between us is that I want those people with Parkinson’s Disease who have nothing right now to have something.  Because as you know, living with Parkinson’s Disease isn’t easy – and it sure as hell isn’t easy if you cannot see a physician and if you have no access to any type of drugs.  I challenge you to go 6 months without seeing your PD specialist and to go 6 months without your “wonder drugs”.  Better yet, let’s take away your insurance for 6 months and then have you tell us what you are doing to cope.

If YOU had to live with reality of no doctor, no drugs and no therapy I wonder if you’d be so self-centered and continue to spout the position that health care reform in the United States is evil?  The difference between us is that I am willing to pay a bit more now so that others can have health care.  And my hope is that when you and I are sitting in those chairs the rest of this country will have my attitude instead of yours.

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