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Why am I having memory loss so severe at my age?

Posted by ms_white

I am 24 and a single parent one. I suffer from memory loss and has had this problem for quite some time now. I am drug and disease free, alcohol free, and hardly have a reason to be forgetting things all the time. I forget what I have to do after planning it 5 minutes prior! I don't know why!

I forget everything: my daughter's name at times, who I'm talking to when I'm on the phone, what number I just dialed, where I was going 2 to 5 minutes prior to forgetting, but I can remeber a bunch of numbers like SSNs and birthdates. Why is that? Please, what is going on with me?

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Hi ms_white,

In response to your question, there could be factors that play into your memory loss or it may be nothing to be worried over.  The mention of having young children itself can participate in your forgetting things!  Trying to remember all that it takes to care for them and then their schedules, etc., takes a lot of brain power in itself.  There's a lot to remember.  Stress plays into forgetfulness as well.  Poor diet.  Many factors that are easily remedied may be to blame.  Keeping an accurate list of things you need to do by the phone, a calendar, etc. will help reduce the things you have to keep in your brain.  Blueberries/blueberry juice are great supplements in aiding to keep your memory at its peak performance.

If you've tried the above and still feel the forgetfulness you're experiencing is abnormal (and haven't yet seen a doctor), make an appointment for a complete check up and tell them all the changes you have noticed.  It's important to give a complete overview as often the things we feel aren't relevant to our check up can actually be key in diagnosing what is actually going on.  It may be nothing, but after seeing a qualified physician, you'll feel relieved and that is worth the visit.

 Hi Ms. White,

Here are a few things that could be causing your memory loss:

Are you getting enough sleep? Most of us are so busy with children and work that we don't get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. This can cause you to have a memory lapse. The answer is to get more sleep. If your baby is still waking up at night, can you get a power nap in during the day?

Are you dieting? An extremely low fat diet can cause you to miss important nutrients. The brain needs a certain amount of fat from our diet to function properly.  Do you every eat salmon? Fish has been considered brain food for centuries and science has proved that fish oil does help the brain.

Are you so busy that you have no time for meals? Grabbing quick packaged snacks rather than cooking meals may mean you just aren't getting  enough nutrients. Over time, this affects your health.

Are you worried or stressed? Fear, worry and stress cause chemical changes in our bodies that negatively affect thinking and behavior. The holiday season seems to be a time of stress for parents especially. Do you have trusted family, friends or a minister you can talk to about things that are worrying you? Just talking about it can reduce your stress level.

Have you told your doctor about this?  If not, please tell your doctor about your symptoms. Hormone imbalances can cause memory loss. Your doctor can help you figure out the best changes to make.

There are lots of great articles here on about parenting, eating the right foods and ways to reduce stress. You may want to check them out. 





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