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Who Wants A Cup Of Headache?

Posted Nov 05 2012 10:06pm
I'm trying A New blogger app because I didn't like the the one that was suggested by my cell provider. I have been sick with chills and aching for the first time in a long time. It could have been a reaction from my flu shot. It would have been the first time It ever happen to me. I actually have a very good immunity unless I have just had surgery or stressed. I have been stressed. Smoky is bringing a lot of joy to my life but my little buggar decided to need to get up to pee every 2 hours the other night. Which inturn he tried to get his days and nights turned around. I love training puppies! I pride myself on abilities to bond with animals and figure out how they best learn. I knew this one couple to buy a puppy book. I was given instructions on how I could play with the puppy. I was even made to look at the book... Notice I say look at the book! Pepper knew over 90 words and commands. Even as a child I was training. I can't remembers all I trained cricket to do but it was a lot. He would pull small wagons. Climb laders. Slide down slides... Besides the basic sit stay come... He also would crawl on his belly. I was trying to just use a lot of play to wear smoky down. The first few nights it worked. Then he started getting up every 2 hours. So yesterday headache chills and aching I took smoky for his first walk. I had him on a lead once before. But today was the real training day. He was so tired when I brought him in he went straight to bed without dinner. Don't worry I fed him when he got up 3 hours later. Something we need to remember exercise is important for our pets as much as it is for us. Play isn't exercise. It does build muscle. But it does not help their cardio. This is why dog walking is such a big business. So many people are unable to walk their pets. I plan to train smoky to walk on the treadmill for when I have surgery and can't walk him as much. Did you know ginger even walks on a lead? That is the only way I let her outside. She can get some exercise and I can keep her healthy.
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