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white spots on brain scan is high blood pressure only cause

Posted by dazbella

I had a numbness on the left side of my nose was prescibed a corticol steroid spray, sinus xray was clear. One week later I awoke with severe vertigo. The room was spinning and when I closed my eyes my eyes were still moving rapidly back and forth. It decreased in intensity but caused me to vomit every few minutes. I couldn't focus. It lasted 3 hours. At the hospital a ct scan indicated several small white spots in my brain. the neurologist is chalking up the vertigo to inner ear but no further tests were done to confirm that. I had a couple other bouts of vertigo over the past couple years as soon as I awoke in the morning but they lasted only a few seconds. The neurologist says the spots indicate I had had mini strokes from high blood pressure but my blood pressure has never been high in my yearly checkups. I have a monitor now on the advise of the neurologist and over the past several days my pressure ranges from 106/70 to 143/pp.

Should I further investigate this or just go on pressure lowering drugs?




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