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where can I find help for my husband who suffered a moderate brain injury or TBI?

Posted by Starzz

He had his injury in June 2008.  He is now severely anxious and has problems handling stressful situations and is very easily confused ... is there help for him.  Doctors say he is fine.  But he says he is struggling every day to just think, react and carry on with his day.  Is there some sort of support group?  We live in San Leandro in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Is there anything else medically that can be done?  He is alert and able to function.  It's just that at times he really falls apart or almost melts down.  He is very easily overwhelmed with sometimes small tasks.  He has problems making choices.  Other people have described him as confused and scattered.  Thank you and suggestion would be appreciated.  If there is any type of therapy that could help or any type of support group where we can get information would be very helpful.  Thank you.
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