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Where are any articles on alternative treatments for hydrocephalus?

Posted by Zoe

 I have a spinal cord disorder, syringohydromyelia, and a large cyst on my brain  that developed after surgery to remove an AVM that covers most of the temporal frontal lobe areas. I had a past problem with a hydrocephalus leak which was "patched" during a brain surgery for epilepsy in 1988, that may be flaring up now. Because of the spinal cord disorder lumbar puncture to evaluate for hydrocephalus, fluid pressure, etc., is contraindicated. There are few options for me so it is important to find any information on other ways to manage and improve circulation of the fluid if possible. At this point, I get some improvement with walking and using exercise equipment at the gym on a daily basis> But I'm now pretty debilitated from incessant pulsing and pressure pounding in my head, unable to concentrate, headache, feeling down (from the pressure, not depressed)  and need any information I can get on "alternatives" for managing hydrocephalus\excess pressure on my brain. 

   When I did a google search on "alternative medicine" "hydrocephalus"  this link came up;

which doesn't have a single article on alternative treatments for hydrocephalus. 

Thank you for any information you may have available. 

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