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When it starts to pay off

Posted Feb 02 2013 12:00am

Okay, this is interesting. They made the announcements about the new organization yesterday, and I actually got a promotion within the organization. Not only that, but the boss I’ve been reporting to, who is 10 years my junior (and has yet to make a lot of the mistakes I’ve made in the past), is no longer my boss.

Praise be.

This is good.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me, and my future is looking a heck of a lot brighter. And the person I now report to has been nothing but professional with me – none of this juvenile crap that I’ve had to put up with.

Yes, this is good.

So, this changes things a bit. I am *still* committed to sharpening my technical skills… and this change means that in the meantime, I don’t have to suffer and chafe under the rule of people who are utterly clueless. It’s the best of both worlds, really. And it’s getting better.

In a way, I had been hoping that things would turn out lousy in the re-org, so I can move on. But I have a long ways to go, before I will be as competent as I want to be in the new skills I am honing, and I probably need about a year to brush up on them before I can break free of the situation I am in.

So, in the meantime, I can relax at work, settle into this new role… AND be working on my skills and my proficiencies in a more relaxed, less stressed frame of mind.

Which is good. Because as motivating as it can be, to be unhappy in a current situation, it’s still a drain on your energy and resolve. It’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm for where you’re going, when the place where you’re at is truly miserable.

This way, I get to at least enjoy myself in my temporary situation … keep my great benefits and job stability… AND work on my technical proficiencies so that I have truly mad skills, when the time comes to move on.

So it goes. This doesn’t change my plan to go, once I am ready. It simply ensures that I’m not going to be a miserable S.O.B. in the meantime.

And that’s a good thing for everyone.


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