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What treatment can I give my dog (with possible brain damage) after a seizure?

Posted by Dirk

Hello, My little female dog (3kg) Lizzy, had a liver shunt operation when she was just a few months old.

She's now alsmost 5 and 3 weeks ago went in for a dental, She was doing great after the dental stayed overnight and the next morning had a major seizure. This was treated  to calm her down but when she regained consiousness, she started seizuring again. The Vet suggested to do a Propofol Infusion to 'restart' her brain.

 It is now 2 weeks later and she is at home again, She can  not see or hear and has very little motor functions. She is howevere making progress daily. She is also getting physio. Is there anyhting you can suggest to help her?

Thank you.

Best Wishes.

Dirk Cilliers

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