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what the sound of nike free run 2 nz a person to sleep well

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:25am
Syria Leo's determination is still useless. The force of habit made him up the middle of the night. Get out of bed and lit the light and saw the blank piece of paper on the table, could not help but pick up the pen to start writing. Suddenly hand a move, a book touch dropped to the ground. Syria Leo scared to sit sit instability. Cezhaoerduo he held her breath listening can not hear what the sound of nike free run 2 nz a person to sleep well. Then he put the heart, and then work.I do not know when the father has stood behind him. His white-haired head bent over a little head above Syria Leo black hair, watching that the tip of a pen moving. Everything in the past, the father of all understand. His chest full of infinite remorse and mercy, stood motionless.

Syria Leo suddenly felt someone with two trembling hands and hugged his head, feel "ah" to call up. Waiting for him to hear his father's sobs, he cried: "Daddy! Forgive me and forgive me!"Father to hold back the tears, kissed his son's face, said: "may never forgive me! Understand all understand I'm so sorry you come!" Then, he picked up his son, went to the mother's bed son into her mother's arms."Quick kiss this good son! Poor, in order to maintain a life, he was actually not slept all supra skytop 3 womens night sleep in four months, I also like to scold him! ......"Mother hugged her son, almost speechless: "good baby, go to sleep!"Syria Leo fatigue extreme. Months, and today he was a good sleep, dream also done jolly. Woke up, the sun has already risen very high. Suddenly found a place close to his chest on the edge of the bed, sideways father, white-haired head. My father at night so his head close to his son's chest, then are asleep Mile.
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