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what long term effects will we develop from being irradiated by our neighbors CB radio system

Posted by getwellintime

We live in between some law enforcement, fire, and other safety officers and cb radio operators and everytime they turn on or turn up their radios to communicate with their station or friends we are feeling terrible body pain and headache and sometimes our headaches are severe. My wife's arthritis is getting worse and her mental alertness is also getting bad very fast. Our neighbors are being hurt as well and their is nothing we can do to help them or ourself. Our neighbors are suffering  heart attack, embolism, and seizures. Our neighbor died and he wa only 47 of a sudden heart attack. I have been hospitalized on several occasions whereas  I thought I was having a heart attack. Sometimes a high pitched sound can be heard too and a ringing that hurts our ears. Our bodies heat up when this happens so we run out of the house. When this happens at night while sleeping our bodies get very hot and sometimes we have had to go outside even though it is cold outside. We are afraid to have our grand-children over for the holidays. The police have been called but they refuse to investigate stating its not their jurisdiction and  jurisdiction lies within the FCC. OMG! It is getting dangerous to live here in Long Beach, Ca. We need a shield or someone or agency to help any ideas?
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