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What is the American Way?

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm
In my lifetime I have never spent more than twenty bucks for any type of shoe. Call me crazy, feel sorry for my feet, and kick me out of the Fashionista rebellion-but to me shoes carry me around and I don't like the idea of carrying a load of debt to have them do so!

I will never forget the day my (then) sixteen year old son came home with a pair of sneakers he had bought for 84 dollars- I almost passed out. But, he was working at McDonald's then and it was his money. Me, I would have probably had to pay a bill.

Not all of us can afford Dansko footwear. But, those of us who can and love them should and will. I think freedom of buying is an American right. I do not think freedom of the Congress to bail out financial institutions with taxpayer money is an American burden. Especially when many of the CEO's of these companies walk away with billion dollar golden parachutes.

But, who am I?

Just another poor American (sob)
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