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What is a "Weather Doppler Headache?"

Posted Dec 17 2011 9:25am
As I made an early morning wake up call to Supermom ... Superdad aka hubby to Supermom broke in to our conversation to ask " What is a "Weather Doppler Headache?" Guess I should have told him that is not the CP name for it. But it was a great chance to explain to another non hydrocephalus related person about how the weather and even changes in the moon effect us hydrocephalus people.

I explained that as weather changes with the barometric pressure it effects the fluid in our brain. The CFS will increase trying to protect the brain from the increase of pressure from the weather making our head hurt and body ache from the changes.

Just like the old wives tale that people are crazy during a full moon. It is an effect that during a full moon gravity is stronger and pulls the brain down and people without hydrocephalus often feel bad and are just plan ill and hard to deal with. But for us with hydrocephalus it does the same but we have more pain from the change because our fluid around the brain and spine is very sensitive to the changes.

I should have also told him how my balance gets worse and have coordination issues. But I will save that for another time. I think it is a point for my hydrocephalus peeps each time we get to talk to a non hydrocephalus related person about this (our) condition.
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