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What if 2012 Propelled Robust Peace?

Posted Dec 26 2011 12:00am

What if a brain’s wiring no longer defaulted daily back to war and violence ? Neuro-plasticity shows how it happens. Have you seen it happen?

Lasting peace means reversing a dozen areas identified below. Peace follows when you lead innovation with the brain in mind ! To understand how war shuts out ingenuity for peace, is to spark harmony’s opportunity for innovative growth. How so?

What if 2012 propelled peace?

One highly touted combat courseTHE ART OF WAR hails sustainable fighting by the Pentagon’s top few Generals. There leaders learn top tricks from veteran warriors who see war linked to ensure US dominance.

Could taxes currently equipping our war culture, support a 2012 peacekeeping future? Peace shifts us from rape and violence to brainpowered renewal when we awaken a healthier vision together.

War may seem as fine art to a few pinnacled Generals at the Pentagon – yet it’s sheer murder to many gunners on front lines. But my question is: What if we transformed warrior realities that cling to dominance desires,  into renewed national legacies that value humans as capital though peace? How so?

What if robust peacekeeping replaced the politics of force?

What if 2012 fostered peace?

What if for every …

Program offered on strategies of war – one is facilitated on the power of sustained peace?

Word printed on the hazards of war – a communication exposes the wonder of peace?

Human supported to kill others – a human is supported to reshape conflict into peace?

Game advertised where violence is central – a robust peace game plan is promoted?

Accusation made about those who differ – a testimony is given for peaceful co-existence?

Dollar spent on sustaining warfare – a dollar is offered to market sustainable peace?

Team trained to kill – a team is developed to build doable strategies that learn from diversity?

Song composed to remember downed warriors – a melody hails fallen peacekeepers?

Base outfitted to support fighters – a camp is constructed to defend integrity and uplift mercy – through peace?

Textbook tale of warrior’s wonder – one is published on life-giving marvels of harmony?

Medal offered for combatant’s bravery – an award if presented to salute valiant accords?

Weapon constructed to kill – an equal tool is crafted to extend life and reboot liberty?

Let’s Rewire Brains for Lived Peace in 2012.

Why foster warrior cultures built into the brain’s chemical and electrical circuitry for dominance ?  Let’s substitute daily war triggers for more poignant forgiveness plans, for instance. Humity – packed into the power of robust peace!

Happy 2012 from Mita International Brain Center – where we value peace and learn daily from each of you!

Will you join us in peace that comes without guns or gridlocks?

For every human wounded by war, a robust peace plan could generate new life and genius across differences!

Your turn…?

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