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What exactly is Cerebral Ataxia and what test are done to identify if you have it? How long does it usually last?

Posted by needhelp

About a month ago I started experiencing a loss of balance.  I had been suffering from a sinus infection and thought it was causing inner ear problems.  Once I saw my ENT he suggested I see my Neurologist immeditately. I was unable to see my Neurologist who follows me for migranes and a pituitary tumor and was seen by my primary physician.  After performing basic coordination and balance testing he thought I had experienced a stroke to the back of the brain.  All test (MRI, MRA)  came back negative with no evidence of stroke and the pituitary tumor had no significant change.  Thd doctor ordered physical therapy for cerebral ataxia.  I am still experiencing severe problems with balance,to the point that I have to have use a walker, and have severe weakness in my left leg and left foot.  Thus far, after my 3rd week of physical therapy things do not seem to be improving.
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