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What exactly is a brain mass?

Posted by curious_george?

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The phrase "brain mass" simply means some kind of growth in the brain that should not be there. A growth, more commonly called a tumor, can be either malignant, benign, or something in between. That being said, even benign tumors of the brain can cause serious problems, and can even lead to death. Why? A benign expanding mass in the brain can -- depending on the location -- eventually press upon vital structures (such as the area that controls breathing) and cause those essential parts of the brain to stop working properly. 
my three year old daughter has just been diagnosed with a mass on the right side of her brain at the back but consultants doesnt tel me any thing all we want to know is what we are up agaist.
My son age 25 just was told today that he has "brain mass' and was told it was nothing to worry about. From what I've learned about this, it is something to worry about even though it is not a tumor. Should I leave well enough alone? He is my son, I worry.
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