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Welcome One More Crazy Person to Hell

Posted Feb 22 2010 10:04pm 2 Comments

Yeah, the crazies are at it again.  Last week I had the experience of having my neighborhood closed off to the world for 1/2 of the day while the police, firemen, ambulances and FBI roamed the area after a crazy man, Mr. Joseph Stack, crashed his airplane into a building near my home.

So, as we all welcome one more crazy person into hell, I have a few thoughts on this situation.  I drive by that Echelon building everyday.  The hole in the side of the building, the burned out windows, the washed out retaining wall, the melted steel beams just remind me that in our society some folks think that “expressing their distaste” of our Government means they should destroy other folks.

Now, we’re all familiar with the term “terrorist” and we usually associate it with some foreign entity wrecking havoc on Americans or on American property.  But this act of terrorism was performed BY an American on other Americans on American soil.  This nut-case actually believed he had the RIGHT to destroy the lives of people who worked for a Government agency that he disagreed with.  I guess this crazy person never considered the fact that the people he intended to kill were just working Joes…..just like him.

The sadness that permeates our community right now is borne from the realization that more and more Americans believe (and act upon) the idea that if someone disagrees with them, causes them inconvenience or pain then they are obliged to “get even”.  This sickens me.  The entire idea of crossing over the line of civility to make a point sickens me.  We all live in an imperfect world where we will be inconvenienced or irritated from time to time.  We all live in the American society where we are supposed to have rights, freedoms and opportunities.  But even in the best of circumstances that won’t happen. Why?  Well, because we are human, our government is made up of humans and we humans are not perfect.

I’m not endorsing complacency here.  I’m not endorsing rolling over and getting stomped on.  But I am suggesting that there are civil, sensible and logical ways to deal with dissension, inconvenience, unfairness or feeling defeated.  Perhaps Mr. Stack and his daughter, Samantha Bell,  now living in Norway would have had more resources if they had sold that expensive airplane, the $400K home he destroyed or the nine foot grand piano his wife owned.

Perhaps all Americans would have a better response from their Government officials if they focused less on what the Government should do for them and give them and focused MORE on what they can do for others who are less fortunate  than themselves.

I have little sympathy for Samantha Bell, daughter of Mr. Stack, who now resides in Norway.  She was pregnant, unemployed and dissatisfied that the American Government would not pay her Medicaid.  Well, sister, it’s good you moved to Norway where the taxpayers there can support you.  For in this country, there are people who are in far worse situations who manage to take care of themselves and their children without whining, crashing planes into buildings and killing innocents.  Once again, if you and your Father were so needy then why didn’t he sell his little Cherokee plane to pay for your health care?  Stop the whining.  Stop calling your Dad a “hero”.

My tax dollars are now being spent to make sure the building your Father destroyed doesn’t crash into the Highway near my home.  My tax dollars are being spent to identify the burned body of the true hero in this matter, the I.R. S. worker, Mr. Hunter.  My tax dollars were spent to make sure the fire caused by your Father’s uncivilized action didn’t spread into my neighborhood.  My tax dollars were spent to pay for your education in the U.S.A. where you grew up.  My tax dollars are being spent to pay for relocating a Government agency where hard working (non whining) people show up every day to do their jobs.  So, Ms. Samantha Bell, your Father is not a hero.  Your Father, Mr. Stack was the biggest coward and liar we’ve seen in this United States in a long, long time.

And we welcome one more crazy person, Mr. Joseph Stack,  to HELL.

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Huzzah, Bibmomma!  As usual,  you and I are in total agreement!


We may not be able to move like everyone else, BUT we still THINK clearly!!!  Allie a.k.a. Bibmomma
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