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We Are Not Home Yet

Posted May 03 2014 9:30am

Today it is raining here in Oregon, the state where everyone thinks it rains all the time. But, you know what’s good about so much rain? Everything stays green. All year. Sometimes, I know – it can seem (and can be for some) depressing. But not today. Today it’s raining and… it’s a beautiful day.

  • The birds are still singing. Nothing stops them. Even in the rain, they find something to sing about.
  • There are jillions of puddles to jump in. And that’s exactly what Boo does. And loves it. She even gets Grammy to do it, too.
  • The leaves on the trees and bushes are always a bright, spring green clean.
  • The air smells fresh (they who can smell), they say.
  • The flower’s roots are always refreshed.

I remember a time when there was no rain. I lived in Northern California and it was the year(s) of the big drought . You could only water grass/landscape once a week or on certain, specified days. You couldn’t wash your car. Residents were asked to cut back on laundry washing and shorten showers. Energy saving faucets were stocked in hardware stores and signs that said, ‘If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down’ were selling like hotcakes. Drought tolerant landscape  was in big demand. People were trying to conserve water everywhere they could. And in that conservation, things began to die. Lawns and shrubbery were replaced by often less colorful species, guaranteed to survive the heat with less water. Kids were disheartened when summer sprinkler fun ceased. Guys with an obsession to wash their trucks weekly were frustrated by the new policies set in place.

No rain meant saying no to many other things. River rafting. Skiing was affected. The list could go on and on. We longed for the days when rain would come. We prayed for days on end for the rain to fall.

One day, the skies clouded over and there was a hint of hope. The hope turned to joy when the drops began to fall from the heavens. People opened their front doors and walked out into the uncommon liquid sunshine and danced (at least I and one other person I know of did). The rain fell, a wet welcome to a thirsty and dry community.

The past “winter of life” seems to have hung around for many in many different ways…

  • The wet is becoming intolerable. But let’s face it – before long the popular complaint will be that it’s intolerably hot.
  • Medications that once worked wonders, aren’t so wonderful anymore.
  • Falls are more frequent and frustration is growing over what else will begin to increase in this debilitating disease – whatever it is.
  • Concentration levels are failing, your speech is getting more difficult to understand, and you can’t remember anything.

Do you not know? Have you not heard? It is raining, but a new day is coming. It may, for some, feel like a drought infested summer deep within their spirits, where they long for a refreshing, cleansing rain. Take heart… A day is coming when there will be no more pain. No more tears. No more sorrow. A new day when we will run with new feet, hug with new arms and smell the beautiful roses with brand new noses. A day is coming when we will see that these days of discontent will have been okay because we were never made for this world anyway.

We are taught to be content in all things and well, for the most part, we should be. However, to have a hint of discontentment can also be good – if you believe there is something better and the best is yet to be. I don’t want to get so settled here, that I forget to remember there is something better coming. I don’t want to get so comfortable that I forget this earth is not my final resting place. I want to remember that at any moment, my Prince is going to ride in on a white horse and take me Home. My discontentment and sorrow will be that I didn’t share that hope when it was raining or hopelessly dry in someone’s life. Because without that hope, there really isn’t anything more to this life than living and dying and that hope then, becomes hopelessness.

It’s raining here today, but in the past week, my hope has been restored in many ways and the sunshine is burning bright and warm within me. God has not forgotten. He has not failed us.

We are not home yet. Thank God – we are not home yet.

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