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Waynedale Community Local Picnic Pretty Cool

Posted Aug 29 2010 7:33am
I had an extremely busy morning yesterday.  Beyond getting a variety of jobs done for my classes, I also had to drive out to the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, go to IPFW, attend a class and then bop on over to the Waynedale Community Picnic.

Most of you who read this blog know that I came out several years ago and finally told everyone that I live in Fort Wayne.  Since I only have a small viewing audience that wasn't earth shaking news- the bigger news really for anyone who believe in green and local living is that I live in a corner of Fort Wayne known by what the old folks around here call, Waynedale.

Waynedale used to be a little town of its own, but in the early fifties the powers that be decided to let Waynedale become a part of Fort Wayne - but those who have lived here forever still have that small town mentality and love to put on a community picnic each year.

This year, it seemed to be much more crowded than in previous years.  It  did not seem to have very good organization, and the parking was horrendous!   I keep trying to come up with a good thing that happened at the picnic and the one single highlight of the picnic was exactly those things that made it so awful.

It was a very local event, organized to bring local residents together, and the parking was awful because so many people came. 

I did notice that very few local businesses were there to support the event, and the media coverage consisted of the Waynedale News- the local paper that covers local event in Waynedale.

The Green ABC's is an outgrowth of the Waynedale Green Alliance that was founded in 2007 by yours truly- we gave our donation to the picnic but did not have a booth this year, because the people that I contacted to join me in the venture had no interest.

Says a lot about local in Waynedale, and in many ways it says much more about the state of going local in Fort Wayne.
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