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Watching Time Fly and My Daughter Growing by Judy Hensley

Posted Nov 07 2008 12:59pm

Can you see ‘time fly’? Time is one of those things we can’t really see, but I believe we can see it’s effects. I started thinking of this when I thought of how fast time has passed since I gave birth to a cute baby girl 15 yrs ago. I always thought she’d stay that cute little four year-old who was so inquisitive, who loved to hang out with the older kids and just as easily dote on younger ones. She has changed from a cutie-pie, to a beautiful young lady, inside and out (I think so anyway).

She got her driver’s permit on her 15th birthday a few days ago. I had to sign the paper saying I was financially accountable for her actions with a vehicle. I knew there was a reason her daddy had no desire to go!!!!! She is doing pretty good at driving, but I now know what it must feel like to have a heart attack! I’m kind of proud that I haven’t become(shall I say?) my mother in this new adventure. I remember my mom when I was learning to drive. If she got a little bit nervous, she would start patting the dashboard, saying ‘Slow down, slow down, slow down!’ The dash board survived. I don’t think I’ve done that with my daughter. Yet. I have, however, grabbed for the handle over the window. I like what my brother-in-law calls it (his son is driving with a permit now, too). He calls it his ‘Oh, s—! Handle!’

I guess this is another one of those scary experiences in the sequence of bringing up a child. First, there are those shots they give your little bitty baby–talk about cruel! I cried, too. So did my sister-in-law who went with me the first time for ‘moral support’. lol. Then there was the potty training. Talk about traumatic! I’m surprised there aren’t more attempted suicides by moms and dads during this time. Ah, and next is the day they first start to school. It was harder for me than her. My daughter was never the one crying after mommy when she left. Oh well, that was probably better for both of us that she loved school.

You have a few years to cruise along and then bam! You get that question when you feel like you can no longer avoid it and you have to tell your child about the ‘birds and the bees’. My time came with my daughter in the van one evening on the way home from basketball practice. You got it…dad was nowhere around then either! That was probably a good thing! He gets a little too technical when he is nervous.

Anyhow, I have never prayed so hard for the right words and wisdom as I did that day. I learned a few things in that conversation too, but let’s just say - I’d rather not divulge everything! It isn’t long after that talk you start hearing about BOYS and them being more than friends. Now this latest big event is getting a driver’s permit and having my teenage daughter behind the wheel of my van. I guess about the only major things left are if she goes off to college and when some stinky boy asks if he can marry her. Oh, mercy me!

I know millions of other parents have gone through the same events, but why does it seem so huge to me? Time really does fly, and I’m seeing it. I only hope I don’t forget to live each minute of it and thank God for watching over me and holding my hand as I hold my daughter’s hand each step of the way as she grows…and drives. Help it be safely, God, please.


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