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Was up in my head… now out of my head…

Posted Nov 06 2013 12:00am

… and back into the rest of the world.

After the past week of isolating and working through a bunch of things up in my head, it’s time to return to the rest of the world and get on with things. I’m feeling a lot better about my thinking process, that’s for sure. And now I need to rest. Because I’ve done a ton of really intense work, and now I need to just let it all sink in.

Take some time to just breathe and sit and settle down.

Just go about my life…

I do feel a great sense of peace, underneath it all. It’s like, I’ve kind of let go of the intensity I was feeling before about my different projects. It was really stressing me out, and I was really ON, about a lot of things I was doing life-altering, destiny-changing ideas were racing through my head, and while they may be quite true, it all built up to a massive overload.

So, maybe I shorted out… or maybe I just came to my senses.

I do know this – I need to get some good sleep, let myself catch up with all the ideas I’ve been having, and just live my life for a while. Stop thinking about every danged thing, as though it’s the be all to end all, and just let things happen. Quit chasing… the new job, the ambitions, the hopes and fears and dreams and what-not. Just quit. Do my best, and then let things unfold as they will.

Because they will.


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