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Walking my Bike

Posted May 24 2010 9:33am
I have been thinking about the day I walked my bike over to my daughter's for safekeeping.  It has become a strange memory for me.  As I walked the bike people felt free to scream out greetings and insults.  For example, one woman screamed, " I thought you were supposed to be riding that thing!" 

Probably not a bad idea, except I had a flat tire.  And the woman doing the screaming appeared to me to be a person who could use a few extra steps in her daily routine as well.  But, that is another blog post.

Walking a bike isn't like walking a dog or a child- it seems unnatural to others, and so they just can't seem to help themselves from making wild gestures or mouthing off their opinions.  They would never do this to someone who was walking a dog or child.  Now, would they?  HMMMM!  Maybe if they were members of a right-wing extremist group or a left wing commune.  But, I suppose I won't know for awhile.  Since right now I don't have a dog.

Soon, though, I will be walking my grandsons-it will be summer and I spend my summers with my grandsons. It has become ritual for me.  I begin to wind down as the school year runs out knowing I will have my hands full with those two little guys.  Who are actually not so little anymore.

We will soon see if I get as many comments when walking them as I did when walking my bike. 
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