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Victorious Warrior

Posted Apr 07 2011 8:35pm

    “Those who listen to instruction will prosper; those who trust the Lord will be joyful.” Proverb 16:20

    At this moment we view ourselves in a situation or circumstances in our lives, as we try to understand the reality of our society, we often wonder about our value of right and wrong.  As the saying goes “to thine own self be true” sometimes we wake up in the morning not being our true self or “I’m just not myself today,” but if we are not ourselves, who are we then?  Am I still this woman warrior, striving to make things better and learning from my mistakes to continue looking at the decisions being made.

    Indecision to decision no matter what, that patience, determination and effort that are carried out as a warrior,  have no time to waste energy on negative people or the obstacles in my life and that’s the truth. I have learned throughout my past experiences to be aware at all times of what is true, right and correct is all about, and now that I am this new me, learning new skills and most importantly learning about whom I am as a woman. Right now I am looking at the ” I CAN” approach and trust my instincts and not worry about a thing. “I refuse to be denied my true place.” You may hear those eight words again from me. I believe we women warriors are to look our best and feel our best!

    It’s crazy that we work so hard for change and sometimes it seems safer to remain invisible, but I get a good feeling about now. I make my own decisions and taking responsibility for them and I feel good about it. I believe we must test our strength and to increase our determination to keep going, whatever it is that must be met. I see that life is worth while and it’s good to live! I accept myself as I am; I accept others as they are. My heart is open and filled with compassion because now I can see. I am now and will consider myself a warrior! I didn’t know how to be a woman in real life, I knew I was different and had a different discipline along the way, being raised to obey and not talk back, the part of my training as a high rank female.

    I had to show my skills of leadership and obey the rules. I was very comfortable on the edge of the Martial Art School and boxing gym. Having that opportunity to live and grow in a Martial Art school was on the edge.  I was trained to define my own honor back then. My over powering love for martial arts and boxing grew with the years, people use to nickname me “Tiger Lady,” “Brute,” “Tigris,” and even “Kara-to.”

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