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UPDRS Update

Posted Oct 12 2010 9:29am


Bracelet created by Power Balance used by many...

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My 6 month visit with the neurologist here was very, very good.  They did the UPDRS ( Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale ) again and I did fare better than last time.  It seems I am moving faster – and I attribute that to two things:  1. Reflexology and 2. Power Bracelet.

There are those in the medical community who believe that Reflexology is craziness and of no consequence to helping people improve their medical conditions.  I disagree.  With reflexology I’ve been able to decrease the amount of sugar and caffeine I’m taking each day, move about more easily and feel better.  The ancients believed that certain parts of our feet reflected the specific areas of our bodies that need attention.  There’s no arguing that I feel more relaxed after my sessions with my reflexologist – and I believe my attitude is better.  I can’t say it’s only because I’m experiencing “human touch” – I get plenty of that from my family.  However, I do understand that the meridians in my feet correspond with where the nerves travel through my body.  If it works for me, and has for many others over the centuries, why would I believe science based medicine that has only been in existence for 100 years?

The Power Bracelet or Power Band is nothing more than an electrical circuitry placed under a hologram, sealed inside a bracelet that is waterproof.  It’s all based on the Schumann Response Principle that we emit electrical impulses – just like the earth.  Screw up your electrical impulses with over exposure to powerlines, computer screens and other electrical charges, and you screw up the electrical signals throughout your body.

Perhaps I am believing in SCAMs or hocus pocus.  I don’t know.  As my PA said yesterday, “I don’t care if you put peanut butter in your ear if it helps you move better and reduces your PD symptoms.”

Why would my believing in reflexology and Power Bands helping me be any different than a woman believing that buying a new pair of shoes helps her self esteem?  If I hang my hat on something that I believe helps me out physically, and it doesn’t harm me, then let science and the medicine based community run their tests and experiments.

All I know is that I’m walking up to 2 miles a day now, moving more easily and feeling better.  And I didn’t need the “Parkinson’s guru in Houston” to help me do that, now did I?

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