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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
Tomorrow morning I am having an ultrasound done on my abdomen to make sure my insides are ok because of the nausea I have been experiencing. I also am on Nexium. I tried to not have to take any meds for the problem but the doc insisted. Plus I had a blood test done to make sure my liver is functioning properly. I had an x-ray of my head again to check my sinuses because of the headaches and pressure and slight lightheadedness I have experienced lately. I should have results by wednesday.

My walking is getting so much better. Lately I have been able to walk up and down curbs without using my cane!!! Yippee!! Very exciting! I think in a week or two I may be able to stop carrying around the cane all together! how great it will be to have my leg back!

I got a surprise in the mail the other day. A check. Not disability, but I should get that soon. Not income tax refund, but I should be able to do my taxes soon. I got a holiday pay out check from the last show I was on. It was for close to $250 so I decided to go out and get my own Wii again, I gave my last one to my parents. Well I went to 10 stores and none of them had any nor could they tell me when they were expecting any so I came home and checked online. None of the stores would even take an online order for one. So I decided to get a Playstation 2 instead. Why not get a PS3? Well a PS3 cost $499 and PS2 only $129. I bought the PS2 and Guitar Hero 3. I figured that even though I still plan on getting a Wii when they become available again, they only have GH3 and thats it. With PS2 I can get 4 different GH games. (I really want to get the 80's addition, but the store I was at didn't have it.) I got home and hooked it up immediately and I played for hours. This is actually taking me forever to type because my left hand is sooooooo sore I am having trouble typing! I am hooked! I have already onlocked two songs! My fingertips are numb, just like when I play my real guitar, except without the dent in the middle!

Well, I will post my test results when I get them.

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