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Posted Jun 09 2011 1:36am
My brain feels like it is on fire!!!!!!!  Yesterday was supposed to be the first day without steroids at all and I did ok until the end of the night.  I was trying to get up to go to the bathroom and I couldn't move my leg at all!  Luckily I had steroids in my pill container by my chair so I took 1mg and today I called the doc to find out what to do.  He said I could take 1mg a day for the next week and then call him again.  Hopefully that will help because I had to scooch down the stairs on my butt again but I wanted to leave the apartment to go to my last brain tumor support group meeting.

Then after the meeting we headed over to the Prop union hall to post my set kit list on the board and I told the call board I was leaving and asked if there was anything I needed to do.  She hooked me up with someone in the office who saw to it that I am going to be able to retire which means I will get all my benefits, including life insurance!  I didn't think I had been in long enough!  And I have no idea what other benefits I am eligible for!

I really need to start selling stuff.  I sold 2 more Coke items on eBay but thats much much and I am pretty much broke at this point!  Mom and I aren't going to have the gas money to get to South Dakota, not to mention eat!

My brain is on fire!!!!!  I have been falling asleep off and on for the past couple hours because of my brain and I have not gotten any sleep recently and I wore myself out today so I'm calling it a night.

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