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UCB Announces Interim Report for Q1, 2, 3, FY2009

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:06pm

We can NEVER forget that drug manufacturers exist to make a profit in every market segment.

Today UCB announces its’ interim report for the first nine month (three quarters) of 2009.

“Since the approval by the European Commission in June 2009 for UCB to
again promote Neupro® for Parkinson’s disease, and to launch the drug
for restless legs syndrome, more than 33 000 patients are currently
being treated with the drug in Europe. European neurologists have
welcomed the drug’s return and the cold-chain storage and
distribution system is well-accepted. Neupro® is now available in
Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. and in nine smaller European
markets for Parkinson’s disease. It is launched in Germany and the
U.K. and two smaller European markets for restless legs syndrome.
Launches in other European markets will follow in the coming months.
In the U.S., an extensive update on Neupro® and cold-chain storage
and distribution was submitted to the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) in June 2009. Dialogue with the FDA continues. UCB expects to
be able to make Neupro® available for U.S. patients again during
UCB will communicate its view on the sales potential of Cimzia,
Vimpat and Neupro with the publication of its 2009 results on 2 March
“  For the PDF version of this document, go to:

This report focuses on the projected profits that UCB anticipates in this FY for these three products.  Of course, the Neupro patch is the product in which I am most interested.  Additionally, from the number of hits on this blog and the comments I receive, there areMANY readers who are also interested in the upcoming release of the Neupro patch for Restless Leg Syndrome and Parkinson’s Disease.  UCB is facing the reduction of revenue as Zyrtec’s patent expires.  Therefore, the release of the Neupro patch in the United States will be an important revenue stream for UCB in the 2010 to 2012 time frame as these other patents expire.

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