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Treading – Not Dreading!

Posted Dec 10 2011 1:43pm

“Nobody told me how hard and lonely change is” – Joan Gilbertson

The Mind of the Tiger Lady is back and it is now Dec. 10th, 2011. Having the courage to change, also it is good to accept and trust the will of God. I think it’s good to look back and recall how we fought for change in our lives. Maybe we lost our job, our home. Today, I say patience, trust, prayer, willingness, gives us the power to go on.

We say we have things under control and know what’s best for our lives, sometimes the plan goes awry. The outcome vision just wasn’t right, so we continue to fight. Trusting we are moving toward our special destiny in life.

We twist and turn in our lives, moving with the flow, not to resist it. Don’t you see, sometimes we move too fast, unable to seek the serenity we so desperately want. Do you think we really know the difference between serenity and depression? Maybe we just need a change in attitude, a change in behavior, a change in direction.

I will say this; after my professional boxing career and finding out of my “invisible disability” I realize all good and bad experiences that I carry will now fulfill my goal in life. I will now be alert, don’t you see what I see, what I am saying.

There is so much to do; it’s so easy to fall into the trap of self – pity, thinking we have no true purpose in life. Sure, we get off on the right path at times, and experience some painful shit in our lives, sometimes we sit in our shit for awhile for security trying to find a way out.

Don’t get me wrong! We can all find our own willingness to change our behavior, I know. You must remember, you can’t just keep sitting, you have to keep traveling your journey in order to change and you definitely will not be like someone else’s changes, you will be you. For me, I am a real student of life today and will continue to learn and keep an open mind and have courage. I am a woman in position of strength.

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